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Canna 'Tropicanna'

Posted on March 18, 2015 at 9:30 PM
Canna indica var. 'Tropicanna' Indian Shot

  • Height:  4 - 6' tall
  • Hardiness:  USDA hardiness zones 3-11
  • Uses:  Beds & Borders, Containers

This fabulous canna is well known for its dramatic, multi-hued tropical foliage. Whether Tropicanna® canna is growing in a pot or in the garden, it thrives in warm conditions sending up tall spears which unfurl into exotic foliage covered in stripes of burgundy red, pink, yellow, gold, and deep green. Each leaf is different - the effect is astonishing especially when backlit by the sun. To top it all off, the flowers are a brilliant tangerine orange.

3 varieties of Tropicanna are available.  L-R, Tropicanna, Tropicanna Gold & Tropicanna Black
Other images:  courtesy of Tesselaar Plants

Categories: Bulbs