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Posted on March 22, 2015 at 8:00 PM

Euphorbia marginata  Snow-on-the-mountain

  • Height:  to 3 feet
  • Hardiness:  USDA Zone 8, annual in northern zones
  • Uses:  Good for Xeriscaping

Snow-on-the-mountain is an annual plant that adds a pop of white to your flower border with its variegated green and white leaves and 5 petaled white flowers.  A native plant of dry prairies, fields and pastures, it has been cultivated in backyard gardens as an ornamental and may escape back into the wild.  It reaches 3 feet tall, has average to dry water needs in the garden and blooms summer to fall.

The latex milky sap is a skin irritant to some people.  Cattle avoid eating it.

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Categories: Wildflowers & Natives