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Not Your Momma's Poinsettia!

Posted on December 18, 2016 at 9:05 PM

For generations nothing has quite said 'Merry Christmas' like a bright red poinsettia...but why should we have to settle for just red?  Now is the time for millenials and those non-traditionalists among us to celebrate because the poinsettia world has exploded with a variety of new colors!

Here are four new varietes that are sure to please.  At the top we have 'Jingle Bell Rock,' a new introduction from the Paul Ecke Ranch.  'Jingle Bell Rock' is a vigorous, late flowering poinsettia with a bright red background color and a blaze of white along the midvein.  This poinsettia is highly variable with some bracts appearing totally white and some spotted.  To the right is another new variety 'Green Envy.'  This variety is from Dummen Orange Ecke and sports an unusual light green or chartreuse colored bract.  I find this variety to be particularly stunning on cloudy days when it almost seems to glow!  For interesting effect put it with a traditional red or pink poinsettia.  At the bottom is 'Autumn Leaves' poinsettia also from the Paul Ecke Ranch.  This variety opens up a whole new category of poinsettias with yellow and pink leaves reminiscent of fall.  Since it is an early variety it can be used for your Thanksgiving table as well!  Similar to 'Autumn Leaves' is the next variety 'Gold Rush.'  Introduced by Dummen Orange Ecke this variety produces bright gold or yellow leaves but has less pink than 'Autumn Leaves.'

If you like your plants variegated then here are four poinsettia varieties that will get you excited.  At top is 'Tapestry' a traditional red poinsettia with a twist.  It has green and yellow variegated leaves!  To the right is 'Ice Punch,' a very popular variety sporting a pinkish/white splash on the center of its red bracts.  At bottom is 'Marbella' a pink poinsettia with white edges.  Last is 'Red Glitter' with its traditional red leaves speckled with white spots!

 Princettia 'Hot Pink'                              'Premium Lipstick Pink'

If you like the unusual then you will also like the 'Princettia' series of poinsettia.  Princettia poinsettias currently come in four colors: white, light pink, hot pink and dark pink.  Here is 'Princettia Hot Pink.'  Princettia poinsettias are a more compact variety, usually just 7 - 10 inches tall.  Their small bracts cover the plant in a dome of color.  Compare this with 'Premium Lipstick Pink.'  This pink variety has large medium pink bracts with darker veins and some fading on older bracts.  I love the shading from dark to light pink!

Princettia Max White                                Glace Early White

If pink isn't your color how about white?  Most white poinsettias usually appear more ivory or off-white.  If you're in search of a true white poinsettia then try these two varieties:  'Princettia Max White' and 'Glace Early White'.  Princettia 'Max White' is a hybrid with a true white bract color that is much better than any of the poinsettias. In fact, the color is as white as a sheet of paper.  'Glace Early White' is a larger light-green leaved poinsettia.  While not as white as it's parent plant 'Glace' it is still whiter than most other poinsettia varieties.

So whether you're feeling naughty or nice this Christmas remember to pick up a poinsettia at your local independent garden center.  It might not be your Momma's poinsettia...but I won't tell!

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